95th Annual Children's Picnic & Outing

Boys Ranch & Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children

Over 100 residents and house parents attended a day at Frontier City and then went to Boys Ranch in Edmond for their annual picnic. 

Randall Stoner, event chair, hauled in his custom-made grill and fired it up early. Brenda Stoner arrived by 4 p.m. to start setting up everything else. 

Other Kiwanians arrived from 5:00 p.m. until 5:30.Mr. Meeks, a Boys Ranch administrator and former 20-year house parent, said the boys started asking early when their outing and picnic would be. Word-of-mouth spread fast from the boys who have experienced it. Mr. Meeks also shared some heart-warming stories about the boys for whom he has cared. Many boys come back as men. They do not forget what they received at Boys Ranch--everything from career skills/exploration, self-confidence, discipline, teamwork to much more. 

For 95 years, the Kiwanis Club of Oklahoma City is proud to host this extra opportunity for these youths and those who parent as well as launch them positively into life.