93rd Children's Picnic & Outing

At Boys Ranch on June 27, 2016, the Kiwanis Club of Oklahoma City celebrated its 93rd annual Children's Picnic and Outing with youths, staff, and house families from Boys Ranch Town in Edmond and the Oklahoma Baptist Home for Children in south Oklahoma City. 

Manning Randall Stoner's custom-designed mammoth grill as well as one from the ranch, volunteers practiced the masculine art of grilling. Randall arrives early and builds the fire. Cooks arrive about 5 p.m. Serving is around 6 p.m. 

As Randall watched, this year's grillers of weiners and hamburgers were Hassan Essaili, one of the club's newest members and an initiate into cooking massive amounts of meat; Brent Holman, a house parent at Boys Ranch Town and an expert, kind chef; and Fletcher Williams, who has manned the grill--so he's been in the photos--for years. (Did you know Fletcher has perfect attendance since 1977?)

Seven seated at a table and enjoying the cool breeze are Leslie Blair, Dr. Mark Hanstein, Harriet Lord, Ed Oliver, Janna Winters, Sundy Corbin, and Bob Sonnenfeld. 

Standing in front of the gazebo with two handsome residents of Boys Ranch Town are Cam McLain, Leo Portman, Kyle McLain, and Jim Vogt.

Also attending the 93rd Children’s Picnic and Outing at Boys Ranch Town are Terry Vanlandingham, seated, and Reece Van Horn, Jeanne Anne Van Horn, Noma Gurich, Jon Pennington, and his daughter Kacie.

What would be a picnic without Lucien Jones, seated and trying to enjoy his food while it's hot. 

Others attending were Steve Slawson, John and Lucy Covington, and Bev Woodrome. If we missed anyone, we will add them later.

The Kiwanis Club sent house families, staff, and youths from Boys Ranch Town in Edmond and the Oklahoma Baptist Home for Children in south Oklahoma City to Frontier City for the outing and then treated them to a picnic at Boys Ranch. The treat lasts a little longer because all leftover and unopened food, of which there is much, stays at the ranch.

Spurred by the motto of serving children, the 98-year-old Downtown Kiwanis Club joyously anticipates the annual picnic and its annual Children’s Christmas Party, the 97th in 2016. In addition to donating to some charities serving youth, the Downtown Club is moving steadily toward groundbreaking for its Kiwanis Early Education Center, a project chaired by Sundy Corbin, 100th club president, and Steve Slawson. 

It’s all about children except for a little camaraderie, fun, and some excellent weekly speakers at its lunch meetings.