Holiday Party 2013

Dec. 28, 2013

After volunteering for bell ringing for the Salvation Army and hosting its 94th Children’s Christmas Party, the Kiwanis Club of Oklahoma City celebrated a well-deserved post-Christmas/pre-New Year’s Eve holiday party at the Slawson home in Nichols Hills. As a sidelight, Steve and several guests began the party by going outside to view the International Space Station as it passed overhead.


Bill and Mary Price with hosts Steve and Linda Slawson in front of the Christmas tree


Hostess Linda Slawson and Kiwanis Club past president Noma Gurich on the stairs  

In lavish surroundings and with gracious hospitality, Brenda and Randall Stoner pose with holiday party hosts Steve and Linda Slawson.

Some other attendees included Grant and Julia Eisner, Jay and Sue Engelbach, Noma Gurich and John Miley, Art and Margaret Hoge, Lucien and Barb Jones, Ed Oliver and Mary Ann Williams, Bill and Mary Price, Bob Sonnenfeld, Chris Tytanic, Reece and Jeanne Anne Van Horn, Terry and Leetta Vanlandingham, Sundy and Stephen Corbin, and Fletcher and Vicki Williams.