Asa Highsmith, New Member, & Robyn Hilger, Speaker

Asa Highsmith was inducted and received his "blue" member badge rather than the "gold" one for a new member. Asa jumped right in from the beginning to help in so many ways, especially with the Mardi Gras event in February. Needless to say, we all like Asa very much for his wit, energy, intelligence, and volunteerism.

He is listening to and later shaking hands with Sundy Corbin, our 100th president, who is also his recruiter and sponsor in the club. 

Robyn Hilger, executive director of El Sistema Oklahoma, was such an enthusiastic and vibrant speaker. She is perfect for her current position which combines her passions for music, kids, and equipping others to move upward and forward. 

Mary Ann Williams, Ed Oliver, Robyn Hilger, and Noma Gurich make time for a photo. Ed arranged Robyn's speaking and brought Mary Ann who is much beloved by our club. Noma Gurich not only has participated in theEl Sistema program but also attends St. Luke's United Methodist Church, the original host of the program brought to Oklahoma and initially funded by Philip and Kathy Busey.

Grant Eisner came in just in time to meet and have a photo with Clay Scott of Enable Midstream, who was a guest of Jon Pennington, also in the photo.

Kerry Maye and Kyle McLain are talking after the meeting.

Deeply engaged in conversation are Sundy Corbin, Leo Portman, and Bill Price. Much happens before and after a meeting as well as at the tables between noon and 12:20.

We love our club!