Becoming a Better Kiwanian

Old and new members, choose at least 10 to "upgrade" our club each year. Write them into your calendar Stephen Covey-style. Relationships build a club.

 1. Serve as a door greeter. Smile and shake hands.

2. Attend a board meeting.

3. Work on a service project.

4. Attend a committee meeting.

5. Serve on a committee.

6. Bring a guest at least four times a year.

7. Participate in Reading Buddies.

8. Attend new member orientation.

9. Shake hands with everyone at your table.

10. Get three speakers a year.

11. Sit at a different table each week (at least 12 times).

12. Attend a Division Council meeting even if you are not obligated to do so.

13. Attend a Key Club meeting as a guest.

14. Attend a CKI meeting as a guest.

15. Wear your Kiwanis pin proudly to each meeting and event.

16. Donate a book to Carver Mark Twain Head Start.

17. Sign up for invocation, flag salute and door prize twice a year.

18. Be part of an inter-club.

19. Vote in all local and national elections.

20. Bring in a new member at least twice a year.

21. Donate to the Kiwanis Special Activity Fund, our charitable arm.

22. In addition, donate to the Building Fund for our Westlawn/Mulligan Flats project.

23. Wear our aprons or clothing with the Kiwanis logo to community projects we do.

24. Call or contact members, who are not your closest friends, at least three times a year to build relationships.

25. Especially contact the past presidents, the elderly, and members who have missed meetings.

 Loosely adapted from the "New Member Badge Upgrade," Downtown Kiwanis Club of Amarillo, ca. 2008.