• Kiwanis OKC & Memorial Marathon 2017

    Kiwanis Corner Cheering 

    Memorial Marathon

    29th & Robinson


    Despite a storm that caused downed trees and branches along with loss of electricity and chilly weather, the Memorial Marathon continued larger and more joyous than ever. Cheering stations along the way added to the excitement and thanked runners. 

    The route's first station is at 29th & Robinson. As the runners come up the hill, they first hear the beat of Fletcher Williams' sound equipment and peppy music mix. Fletcher saved this day as he has many other events in the past. He not only brought sound and his infamous peach Bellinis, but he brought lighting and a Caterpillar generator. 

    Noma Gurich and John Miley began a new tradition last year, that of waving with washable Mickey Mouse gloves. Randall Stoner bought and donated a pair this year. The goal is for each waver to have one white glove. 

    A potluck brunch follows the annual corner celebration of runners. 

    Without electricity, how could we cook Randall Stoner's biscuits and heat the casseroles? Longtime Boy Scouts' leaders Terry and Leetta Vanlandingham brought a camp cook stove, which worked perfectly to make coffee and cook. Leetta also brought a tent just in case cheerers needed cover. The cleaned gloves are ready for next year. Join us. 

  • Kiwanis Drink Tent 2017

    Kiwanis Drink Tent 

    Festival of the Arts


    Staffing the evening shift at Mega Drink Tent 2 were Noma Gurich, Keri Smith, Janet Marshall, Randy Stoner, Leo Portman, Chris Tytanic, John Miley, Becki Anders, David Proctor, Monica Ybarra, and Bev Woodrome.

    Becki Anders and Patra Kositchaiwat are former CKI members, now adult. Actually, Becki was a high school Key Club leader when we first met her. Becki, now employed at Devon, has passed the bar exam, and Patra is graduating from pharmacy school with an MBA added on. 


    Keri Smith and Janet Marshall

    David Proctor and Noma Gurich

    Becki Anders and Matt Nedrow

    Dominick Gilbert-Phillips, Patra Kositchaiwat, Becki Anders and Noma Gurich

    Noma Gurich and Monica Ybarra

    Leo Portman, Noma Gurich and Randall Stoner

    Trey and Susan Bize (after the Arts Festival's patron's party)

  • Mardi Gras 2017

    Photos coming soon - 

    Kiwanis Club of OKC's 2nd Annual Mardi Gras!

    5:30 - 8:30 p.m.

    The Loft, 700 1/2 West Sheridan

     Profits benefit KSAF

    Live Music from Zero2Sixty

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