Brief Recap

Catching up on news and musings...

The induction of two already hard-at-work new members added to the end of Kraettli Epperson's and the beginning of Randall Stoner's terms as president.  The Honorable Don Andrews and Kieran Maye, sponsored by The Honorable Noma D. Gurich, Justice, Oklahoma Supreme Court, are now no longer wearing the gold "new member" badges. 

Don Andrews is an Oklahoma special district court judge for Oklahoma County, and Kieran D Maye, Jr., is managing director of the Oklahoma City Law Firm of Miller Dollarhide. With their lofty professional accomplishments aside, these two are witty, pleasant, humble and liked.  We all enjoy working beside, with and for them in club and community endeavors. 

Kraettli Epperson, the outgoing president of our club, has really strategized all year and wielded the Big Stick a couple of times to execute his vision of the club.  We thank him for his leadership and servanthood.  One of his long-term improvements is updating our club website's features to make it more modern.  His son, Kraettli L. Epperson, an experienced entrepreneurial leader and innovative technologist, is president and CEO of Black Mesa Consulting among other businesses he has developed.  For dear old "Dad," Kraettli L really did so much for so little.  We appreciate dad and son!

About our outgoing president: "Kraettli Q. Epperson is a partner with Mee Mee Hoge & Epperson PLLP, conducting his law practice in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where he focuses on Mineral Title Opinions, Surface and Mineral Title Disputes, Mediations, Mineral Title Curative Matters, Condemndation, and Real Property Acquisitions. He has practiced law since 1979."

The recent chartering of the Southeast High School KEY Club is such a huge milestone during Kraettli's year.  Any time we have a hand in creating and maintaining a youth service/leadership organization such as KEY Club, CKI (college-level), Builders Club (middle school) or one of our other Kiwanis youth groups, we are impacting the future.

So many positive, seized opportunities have happened this past year that we cannot address them all here. 

Bravo to Kraettli Q. Epperson and all who have made his term successful!