Bringing Restoration to Motherless Children

July 8, 2013 Speaker

Cindi L. Cary, Executive Director    

Jedidiah Enterprises, Inc.

Cindi Cary received her MBA from Midwestern State University and her BBA in Accounting from Texas Wesleyan University.  Cindi Cary joined Southwestern Christian University after a decade of adjunct teaching at the University of Central Oklahoma and Southern Nazarene University.  Cindi has served as a university administrator as well as a course curriculum creator and faculty member. With her experience prior to higher education, she brings over 25 years experience of accounting, tax and economic consulting from the public sector.  As a business faculty member at Southwestern Christian University, Cindi teaches Accounting, Economics and Finance.

Cary also serves as founder and CEO of Jedidiah Enterprises Inc., a 501(c)3 organization created in 2010 for the purpose of bringing restoration to motherless children.  Jedidiah is made up of women from their twenties to their seventies meeting the needs of children in family crisis due to the mother being absent from the home. 

An important part of Cindi Cary’s life is her faith and her relationship with her family. Her family includes her husband, John Cary, of 28 years, a son who is an Engineering student at Oral Roberts University and two grown daughters.


Our Story: Jedidiah began in the late 1970's in the heart of Cindi Cary as she and high school friends drove the streets of Fort Worth, Texas looking at abandoned school buildings to provide homes for abandoned youth. Through many years of ministry to youth, this vision continues in the idea of an avant-garde orphanage. Children being raised in single parent homes, where the mother is absent, is growing at twice the rate of single parent homes with no father. Jedidiah desires to be a repairer of the breach, restoring family deficiencies caused by the absence of a mother.