Carver Mark Twain Clean-up Day

A special thanks to the Southeast Key Club members who worked so hard on cleaning up our Carver Mark Twain property on 3-29-14. They are:

Jason Sell, Key Club President; Jake Robbins, Key Club VP; Ryann Cole, Secretary; Evelyn Lopez, Reporter; Sergio Estrada, and Eileen Casanova. Rachel Cloos and Tyler Markey, from Classen SAS and not Key Club members, also helped. Rachel Cloos is the daughter of Mary Cloos, the SEHS Key Club faculty sponsor.

Thanks to all Kiwanians along with Leetta Vanlandingham, Brian Vanlandingham, and Jon Pennington's dad and daughter. More will be posted, but as Fletcher Williams said, "...using a $55,000 truck to pull out a piece of trash--the Kiwanian way!"

This was a huge job with chain link fencing--mesh and poles--to be removed, trees to be cut up, trash picked up, limbs and trees cut, and moving heavy objects. The last few slides show what we accomplished as a team--Key Clubbers, Kiwanians and Kiwanis family. WE ROCK!

If labor had been billed for what each volunteer is paid or earns, this was indeed an expensive project. The benefit beyond improving our club's property in the neighborhood consisted of fun, cooperation, bonding, brainstorming, and pride. We really get to know each other not at parties or lunch but by working together on a project.

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