David Prater, Oklahoma County DA, Speaks

David Prater

District Attorney, Oklahoma County

Speaker on March 14, 2016




Lewis, Prater, Harbour, Corbin, Boeckman

This was a highly informative meeting with much hope for the future regarding the criminal justice system and significant reform discussion. Prather talked about the task force with major players from the Oklahoma City Chamber, various entities involved in criminal justice, leading citizens, and those in mental health and substance abuse. The task force's goal is primarily substantive sentencing reform and programming to divert people from the prison pipeline and to equip those inside not to recidivate. He mentioned our very own Justice Noma Gurich, a task force member, is reviewing how the county court system can work more equitably and speedily.

Guests included:

Donnie Lewis, peer support navigator for Supportive Services for Veteran Families, a program to mentor homeless veterans with other veterans

Patty Lynn Brown, an advocate for Refuge for Women, a 501 c 3 that offers a 12-month program for exploited/trafficked women with desire to leave the sex-industry

Kathy Boeckman, executive director of House of Healing, Inc, a nonprofit that ministers to teenagers who have experienced trauma

Lewis & Woodrome

passionate about mentoring