Randall Stoner, 98th President


Randall Stoner

98th President

Kiwanis Club of Oklahoma City  

With the view of the lake and sunset, Jon Pennington, 95th past president, hosted the Inaugural celebration of Randall Stoner at a banquet and installation of officers and directors at the Hefner Grill.  Terry Vanlandingham, 77th past president and past president of the Texas-Oklahoma Kiwanis Foundation, greeted and oversaw the reception.  After Pennington’s welcome and introduction of guests, Wes Lee gave the invocation and John Martin, 92nd past president but also the current T-O Kiwanis District Co-Chair, New Club Building and past Lt. Governor for Division 18, conducted the installation.  Kraettli Epperson, immediate past president, introduced Randall. Jay Engelback, the 71st president, presented the club symbol of authority, the Big Stick, engraved with the names and dates of each president since 1918.  Stoner shared his vision for the club, and Epperson delivered the toast and closing.  Among the past presidents attending were Lucien Jones, Mark Hanstein, Cam McLain, Kyle McLain, Fletcher Williams, and Noma Gurich. Stoner’s multi-business partner, Erick Heald, and his wife Gina also attended.  Stoner’s wife, Brenda, a longtime supporter of her husband and his Kiwanis connection, knows what this year will involve.  We love Brenda!

About Randall Stoner

Born in Tulsa to Oscar and Betty Stoner, Randall grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Los Angles, New Orleans, LA, Lafayette, LA, as his father was transferred with Gulf Oil.

He graduated from East Jefferson High School in Metairie, LA, and attended Louisiana Tech University, from which he graduated with a B.S. in mechanical and nuclear engineering.

Stoner served in the US Navy 1970 to 1973. In 1973, President Nixon offered reserve officers a choice either to continue or receive an honorable discharge.   The nuclear program was also being downsized so Stoner was discharged.

Recruited by General Electric for their nuclear engineering program, Stoner spent the next 23 years working on both government and domestic projects with the General Electric Nuclear Energy Division.  His carrier with GE included design, construction, testing, start-up and operation of reactors around the world and government projects at Los Alamos and Hanford.

Retiring from GE in 1996, Stoner began his second career in Oklahoma City with SMICO MANUFACTURING as operations manager.  In 1998, he purchased SMICO MANUFACTURING and grew the company to where in 2007 sold the majority to Erick Heald. Since 2007, Heald and Stoner have continued to grow SMICO and have purchased two additional companies SYMONS Screens and Storm Safe Underground Tornado Shelters.  

He has been married to his wonderful wife, Brenda for 34 years.

They attend the First United Methodist Church Edmond, where he serves on committees at the church and Methodist district.

The late Oscar Stoner, his father beloved by all OKC Kiwanians, brought him into the Downtown Kiwanis Club in 1996.

Stoner’s hobbies, as time permits, are snow skiing and classic car collecting restoring. (It is rumored he also rides motorcycles!)