Jeff Ewing, President of Prodigal, LLC

Jeff Ewing, president of Prodigal, LLC and a 40 Under 40 leader, spoke to us about Prodigal's many projects, especially the OKC Energy professional soccer team. Soccer is increasing its fan base explosively in Oklahoma City as well as in the U.S.

Prodigal is the premier sports and entertainment agency for Oklahoma City. Well-run, exciting experiences contribute to OKC's positive reputation and build the economy. Jeff's leadership is a large part of the forward movement.

Jeff also talked about Fields & Futures, Prodigal's nonprofit partner in making enormous differences in Oklahoma City and Millwood Public Schools. OKC Energy gives back to the community in many ways.

Dustin Harris, account executive for Prodigal, attended. 

Other guests were Jennifer Seal, executive director of Putnam City Schools Foundation; David Bernstein, VP, Schwab; and Lili Valli, friend of Jana Winters. Bentley Williams also attended. Ewing, Seal, and Bernstein are all members of Leadership OKC's Class 34.

Marrying KOCO's Abigail Ogle in June, Jeff received a Victoria's Secret bag with some household items from the Ewing-Ogle gift registry. The bag choice was a little added humor.

Big thanks to Jeff Ewing for bringing OKC Energy scarves for us all!