Jim Vogt & Mountain Climbing

Jim Vogt said he can represent to our older Kiwanians that if they are interested in physical exercise and a workout for their heart climbing a mountain will accomplish both. 

"In July my son and I climbed one of the 14,000 foot mountains in the Mosquito Mountain Range in the Rockies south of Breckenridge Colorado. The elevation climb from the trailhead to the summit was 2,300 feet or the equivalent of climbing the stairs of a 230 story building if the floors are 10 feet apart. Most of the climb was over rocks and around boulders and even though it was July we had to climb through some snow near the top. Wind was gusting in excess of 30 mph at the top of the mountain. Messed up my hair!!! Gave my 65-year-old body and heart a good workout at 14,148 feet in the thin air. 

After accomplishing the climb to 14,148 feet, you face the reality that there is no elevator to take you to the bottom. My son said I would have to climb down the 2.4 mile trail as he dang sure was not going to carry me down!"