Kiwanis Club of Central Oklahoma City


Pictured are members/leaders Juan Gonzales, Christi Madden, Lacey Holt, and Darrel Booth. Booth is a former Mayfair Kiwanis Club member and a well-known division and district T-O leader.

Primary Charitable Donations
The club’s charitable donations focus upon the Eliminate Project as a Model Club with pledges of $750 per member, and Children’s Miracle Network, which fits well with the club’s location and primary membership in at the Children’s Hospital within the University of Oklahoma’s Health Science Center. Members meet in the basement of the cleverly decorated and designed Samis Education Center.

Primary Volunteering
In addition to donating, the Kiwanis Club of Central Oklahoma City also volunteers at Ronald McDonald House, where on 10-17-14 about 20 people served Mexican food, and at Infant Crisis Services. Other activities such as the Warm Christmas Event are included.

On the first and fourth Fridays, the group meets for lunch in the basement of the Samis Center. On the second and third Mondays, it meets at 5:30 p.m. at Kamp’s 1910 Café on 10th Street.

The variety, youth, and enthusiasm of the club are compelling.

Christi Madden, President (the instigator and glue of the organization perhaps)
Christa Figgins, Vice President
Lacey Holt, Treasurer
Dolores Booth, Secretary

This is a vibrant, young group within the Oklahoma Kiwanis network.

Photo by Beverly Woodrome, who spoke about the Boren Mentoring Initiative as a guest.