92nd Children's Picnic & Outing

Somebody has to deliver the grill, charcoal, and other cooking equipment early. Randall Stoner, the children's picnic chairman, loaded up his mammoth, decked-out, train-horn-equipped pickup, made the delivery, and lit the charcoal early at the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children's 164th and South Western location. A truck jack-knifed on the highway impeded his progress, but he started early. Randall really does have a horn that sounds like a train's. Only Randy could honk back at a train!

The rest of the cooking and serving crews arrived around 5 p.m. or earlier. Because of intermittent rain, Randall's grill and one from the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children were fired up under the porch of the Maintenance Building. 'Perfect solution except that it was not close to the dining area. That huge truck served as a food cart. Cooks charcoaled 160 pounds of hot dogs and another 160 pounds of hamburger meat.

Accomplished grill masters included Dr. Mark Hanstein, Cam McLain, Fletcher Williams, Steve Slawson, Martin Ozinga, and Terry Vanlandingham.

In the dining area, Ed Oliver, Sundy Corbin, and Chris Tytanic cheerily greeted everyone. Brenda Stoner, Janna Winters, Jamie Forsha, Leetta Vanlandingham, Noma Gurich, Bob Sonnenfeld, and Mary Ann Williams served all of the standard trimmings plus dessert and fresh fruit. Leslie Blair acted as liaison between grilling and serving. Bev Woodrome took photos.

The Kiwanis Club of Oklahoma City gave 135 tickets for an outing to Frontier City for the youths and staff of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Kids and Boys Ranch.

Much laughter and pleasant conversation from the attendees filled the dining room. Having just returned from the outing, everyone was famished.

This is the club's 92nd children's picnic and outing. From 1918 to the present, Kiwanians joyously serve children in multiple ways.