Kiwanis Drink Tent 2017

Kiwanis Drink Tent 

Festival of the Arts


Staffing the evening shift at Mega Drink Tent 2 were Noma Gurich, Keri Smith, Janet Marshall, Randy Stoner, Leo Portman, Chris Tytanic, John Miley, Becki Anders, David Proctor, Monica Ybarra, and Bev Woodrome.

Becki Anders and Patra Kositchaiwat are former CKI members, now adult. Actually, Becki was a high school Key Club leader when we first met her. Becki, now employed at Devon, has passed the bar exam, and Patra is graduating from pharmacy school with an MBA added on. 


Keri Smith and Janet Marshall

David Proctor and Noma Gurich

Becki Anders and Matt Nedrow

Dominick Gilbert-Phillips, Patra Kositchaiwat, Becki Anders and Noma Gurich

Noma Gurich and Monica Ybarra

Leo Portman, Noma Gurich and Randall Stoner

Trey and Susan Bize (after the Arts Festival's patron's party)