Kiwanis & Memorial Marathon

Terry Vanlandingham’s Account of "Kiwanis Korner," as dubbed by Fletcher Williams:

Leetta, my wife, and I arrived about 6:30 AM.  By the street corner in the back of the SUV, Fletcher Williams already had the mix machine working on the drinks! A nice little flat screen TV tuned into the downtown activities sat on a small table. A major "boom box" setup with large speakers on their own stands was behind the SVU. Lights flashed with the music. The mix machine had a new recipe, orange juice, cranberries rum and one more ingredient I don't remember.

The first runner came by about 6:55 AM.  Slowly, runners would trickle in.  Then the trickle became steady stream.  Then, a steady WAVE that lasted for over an hour once it got going, maybe about 1 1/2 hours.

Noma's location is perfect.  It is also about four to five miles out and just starting to get into any neighborhoods.  Looking south, the road slopes down for about two blocks and starts turning up again.  All you can see for over an hour is runners coming your way that are curb to curb for about three blocks!

I'm sure that on that long gentle hill up from the runners’ view, they could hear the loud music being played. For some, the music may have helped with the extra stress.  You could see the people reacting to whatever song was in the player as they passed.

The runners were great!  Many mouthed a "thank you." Lots of arms waving, thumbs up signs and smiles!!  Many also came over to dance with some people in our group.  A lot ran out of their way to slap our hands (High fives!).  Some were taking more pictures of us than we were of them.

I have worked the race from a few water stations before so I thought I knew what to expect. Wrong!  I never had that three-block-long view and never had a runner (female) come over and do a "do-si-do" with me!  Never got to look into the eyes of a fire fighter in full gear with an air tank on his back doing the run/walk.  AND, many more of his fellow firefighters!!!

Put it on your list for next year!!!  It is special!!


Wayland Lamson, a neighbor of the Mileys, held the sign with the names of some runners on it. Totally enjoying himself, he danced and waved much of the time.

Attendees brought potluck breakfast food, although the Mileys provided drinks and breakfast casserole. Many of the Kiwanians, guests, and neighbors danced, waved, clapped, and generally had a jolly time. We ate after the final runner passed. Definitely, this should be an annual event.