Rep. Randy Grau &Bob's 93rd Birthday and more

Several guests came in honor of Bob Sonnenfeld’s 93rd birthday on the 28th.  Bob Eskridge, former member Barney Harrington’s son-in-law; Justin Pearson and Robin Pearson, two of Bob’s grandchildren.  Of course, President Kraettli Epperson called Bob to the podium, congratulated him, and asked him to say a few words.  We all know Bob is not a man of a few words but of wit and affability.  Next Aubbie Arakelian, Petroleum Club, prepared to light what appeared to be a candle in one of the Nebu desserts, in lieu of a cake, for Bob. ‘Innocuous and expected, right?  NO! That small candle became a mini-torch spewing fire a foot into the air!  Kraettli brought it to Bob’s table, the audience sang “Happy Birthday,” and finally the torch extinguished itself.  We doubt that Bob actually blew it out. 

Other guests were Ron Harris, a real estate investor and serial entrepreneur and three from a new business.  Performance Directional Services is a specialist in directional and horizontal well drilling.  PDS President Mike Bohard; Larry Kelso, drilling consultant and drilling fluids engineer; and Reg Poorbaugh.  Mike is becoming a new member after Sundy hustled him!  ‘Great job, Sundy!

Bob Sonnenfeld gave the prayer and led the flag salute in addition to giving two door prizes—one a large bottle of a certain beverage, won by Lee Holder, and the other, cash, won by Terry Vanlandingham.    Incidentally, the club’s birthday card for Bob mentioned celebrating with three guys—Jack, Jim and Johnnie, as Daniels, Bean and Walker.  How appropriate!

The club received a thank you note from Lucia Rodriquez and Jessica Delgado for Jessica’s Southeast High School Key Club scholarship.

Bob Cole presented a graphic of our Kiwanis Special Activity Fund (KSAF) donations this year.  We have 35% of our KSAF budget excluding the building fund.  Remember since the beginning of our club in 1918, we do not fundraise.  Members give a minimum of $400 a year.  KSAF funds the annual Children's Picnic and Outing (90th in June), the Children's Christmas Party, donations to various children's charities, etc.  We also have the Carver Mark Twain Head Start Project portion of KSAF.  Without your donations, we cannot "serve children," our mission.  (Yes, some members pledge, some write checks at the end of the year, some pay randomly, and a few pay out their donations all year.) Have you donated yet?

Last but hardly least, Representative Randy Grau, whose dad is a former president of the Edmond Noon Kiwanis Club, updated us about his tenure in the state legislature.  Randy remembers Kiwanis pancake breakfasts, participating in Edmond’s Liberty Fest Parade and other activities.