Ringing Bells for Salvation Army 2018

In Oklahoma City, ringing bells at the Salvation Army's kettle is a long tradition of performed by civic clubs and community leaders and volunteers. The Kiwanis Club of Oklahoma City is proud to continue participating. 

We love ringing in front of Byron's at 23rd and Broadway because so many people entering or leaving donate.

Pictured are a few Kiwanis members and family ringing in December.

Travis Weedn, Randall Stoner and Noma Gurich

Steve and Linda Slawson 

Bev Woodrome and Randall Stoner

Kraettli and Kay Epperson

Randall Stoner, Fletcher Williams and Lucien Jones

Fletcher brings the sound box to rock bell ringing. Lucien, a marketing whiz, brings his special red pans to rattle change and reach out for donations. 

Thanks to Steve Williams, this year's chairman for bell ringing.