Southeast HS KEY CLUB Chartering

 Take One

Official "Birth" of Southeast High School KEY CLUB

A Kiwanis Youth and Service Leadership Organization

Amateur photos above, professional photos coming soon

We say "official" because this club was conceived and has been highly active for over a year.  Having official documents or a ceremony did not stop commitment to service and leadership opportunities, e.g., cleaning up a neighborhood creek and May tornado relief.  This is one "hungry" to serve and to advance high school and KEY Club.  Students accepted here must be motivated and disciplined regardless of backgrounds or circumstances.  By the way, most of the students not only commit to many in-school and extracurricular activities but also work part-time and take rigorous courses aimed at college and/or postsecondary education.  Manners, consideration and enthusiasm abound along with motivation and love of family and friends.

When five seniors at one table were asked what was special about this school, without hesitation the young ladies replied that the students themselves made the difference.  Everyone was like a big family, each grade was a family, students helped each other in their own grades and below.  Teachers and administration were and are extraordinary.  Incidentally, this year the school has a second advanced placement class (AP) and even Latin!  All five of these ladies were attending college next year--one to UCO, three to OSU and one to OU. 

Under the leadership and continuing auspices of Mary Cloos, Southeast High School teacher and KEY Club sponsor; Noma D. Gurich, Justice, Oklahoma Supreme Court and Kiwanis Club of Oklahoma City past president and current board member; and Tim Brogan, South Oklahoma City Kiwanis Club past president and Oklahoma City lawyer, the Southeast High School Key Club was officially recognized at a ceremony and dinner attended by about 50 KEY Club members and several dozen Kiwanis dignitaries from various clubs in the wider metro area. 

We are awaiting photos taken by a school "pro," but in the meantime, viewers can suffer through these cell phone pictures.  The conviviality and honor all felt cannot be perceived even through professional photos.  'A joyous, momentous occasion shared over food with this youth leadership group--a huge piece of the future of Oklahoma.