Stephan Moore, Executive Director, Shiloh Camp

Stephan Moore

Executive Director, Shiloh Camp

Moore is a native Oklahoman from Cushing, Oklahoma. He and his wife Scotia have a large family. Stephan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Shiloh Camp. He served previously as a counselor and on the leadership staff at Kanakuk Kamps before being hired as Executive Director for Kids Across America for 18 years. During that time Stephan worked with and spoke to thousands of youth and their leaders from around the country. He developed the Covenant Family program utilized for sharing and modeling a vision for marriage and family for staff and kids; as well as M.O.G. (man of God) Day rites of passage program utilized for the hundreds of staff at Kids Across America. Stephan also served on the College of the Ozarks Board of Visitors and as a deacon in his local church.

About the Camp

Years ago a group of visionaries throughout Oklahoma City came together to build a dream.  They envisioned a place for people to grow and learn to share and create a new future...where lives would change forever.  They found it--right here in the heart of Oklahoma City--40 acres of wooded hills, open fields, streams and a small pond--and they called it Shiloh.  Shiloh is known in the Bible as "a place of peace."  Yet far too many in our inner city communities, it is hard to find a peace amid turmoil, hurt and anger in their daily lives.

Our mission is to transform our inner city with the love of Christ through sports, arts, and meaningful relationships.

Shiloh Camp provides sports, arts, adventure, Bible study, worship and love wrapped inside of an unforgettable five days of the changing experience.  Our goal is to teach, tain and model Christ's love to chidlren from our community in a culturally relevant environment that will serve as a model of excellence for our city and the country.  Shiloh Camp builds confidence, equips the mind and spirit and strengthens the body and plants the seeds of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

One very special guest was Judge John Amick's son, Doug.