Success in Paris-Brant, Ontario


  • Start with a strategy

          Members fixed the club before strengthening membership. How?

          Name recognition 

  • Make some noise

          They took every chance to be visible in their town.

          For example, they participated in another club's chili cook-off and kept website fresh

  • Find a signature project

          In 2012, they launched their Teddy Bear Clinic to make doctor and dentist visits less stressful

  • 3-2-1 and much more

          Initiated 3-2-1, a club service format, which allots each month

  • Three hours to service
  • Two hours to fellowship
  • One hour to meetings

For much more information about the Paris-Brant Kiwanis Club, see

From "Revival Mode"

It required commitment and hard work, but in less than three years, the down-but-not-out Kiwanis Club of Paris-Brant is better than ever.

Story by Eileen Dennie

October/November issue, p. 44

Ret. 10-6-14