Sundy Corbin, 2015 Past Presidents' Dinner

Past Presidents' Dinner


Sundy Corbin,

100th President of Kiwanis Club of Oklahoma City

Haunted House Restaurant

September 22, 2015

Continuing the tradition of the Kiwanis Club of Oklahoma City, founded in 1918, past presidents gathered to advise the incoming 100th club president, Sundy Corbin. A legacy of this 98-year-old club is the continuing development of strong relationships through multiple generations. Members really support each other and seize opportunities to socialize often.

While recapping highlights of the club’s past, presidents also discussed the $2.5 million fundraising project for the new Carver Mark Twain Head Start – community center building, now underway and co-chaired by Sundy Corbin and Steve Slawson. From the beginning of its history, the “Downtown” Club has championed serving children. Longtime projects are the annual Children’s Picnic and Outing associated with Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children now and the Children’s Christmas Party focused on several Oklahoma City Public Schools. This club also sponsors active Key Clubs at Southeast High School, Bishop McGuinness, and Classen School of Advanced Studies. Its college-level service-leadership organization is the Circle K Club at the University of Oklahoma.

This year the party was superbly supervised by Trent Alcott, general manager of the Haunted House Restaurant. Dinners enjoyed entrees of pork chops, salmon, or steak with fine wines.

Group Photo

Past presidents of the Kiwanis Club of Oklahoma City celebrate Sundy Corbin, the 100th president, at the Haunted House Restaurant. Pictured in the front four are Randall Stoner, 98th president; Lucien Jones, 79th; Cam McLain, 89th; Kyle McLain, 94th; and Gene Imke, 73rd.  In the second row are Fletcher Williams, 76th; Sundy Corbin, the 100th; Rachael Weber, 99th;  William D. “Dub” Rogers, 88th; John Martin, 92nd.  In the back are Bill Warren, 78th; Jay Engelbach, 71st; Noma Gurich, 91st; Mark Hanstein, 81st; Bev Woodrome, 93rd; and Kraettli Q. Epperson, 97th. Stoner chaired the event.1