Terry Vanlandingham, Emeritus

Terry Vanlandingham - Emeritus, 2015

Congratulations to our club's Terry Vanlandingham!

The Texas-Oklahoma Foundation has honored Terry with the status of "Emeritus." Only six living people have been designated with this honor. This is recognition from the T-O District that these six members have worked long, faithfully, and diligently on behalf of  the T-O Kiwanis Foundation. By the way, this is NOT an honor that can be purchased or earned by service points.

Terry is a Past President of the T-O Foundation and Web Master for the foundation for many years among other contributions. Few people realize how much Terry has done and continues to do for our Oklahoma City club and Division 19.

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From the T-O Foundation Bylaws:

 "Section 5: A class of Trustees Emeritus shall serve, at their discretion, as ex-officio voting members of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.  A Trustee Emeritus is so designated and elected by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.  This honor and distinction will occur only after years of dedication and service to the Foundation as a Trustee and shall hold this office for life.  No more than six (6) Trustees Emeritus shall serve concurrently."