Visit from Two Leaders of Water4

 Water4's Jim Stewart & Ray Sanders

A fun and informative time was had by all!

Jim Stewart, Partner Development, brought Ray Sanders, CEO, Water4.  We enjoyed the video showing the need and the results of Water4's mission  and tools.  The PVC hand pump and the manual drill, which can dig 150 feet, provide jobs, share love, save lives and improve humans' lives for the "bottom billion."  Water4, began in Edmond by businessmen, is conscientiously capitalistic in providing a hand-up, not a hand-out.  It "uses the margin for the marginalized" according to Sanders. 

Southeast High School teacher and Key Club sponsor, Mary Closs, spoke about Jessica Delgado's leadership and service in beginning the new Key Club in January.  By the end of May, the Kiwanis youth leadership club already had 54 members, who had served in tornado disaster relief efforts and cleaning up a park on the south side.  Closs and Delgado are photographed above as Justice Noma D. Gurich presents Delgado's scholarship certificate.

Janna Winters is now the chairman of the Care Committee.  As an update, member Phil Busey is recovering. 

John Covington brought a photo of Bob Sonnenfeld, which was taken by a friend of John's at the OKC Festival of the Arts, Kiwanis Day at one of the drink tents.  Bob was also in the Oklahoman lately for jogging--not bad for 92 years old.

Kyle McLain holds a children's book, signed by the guest speaker, to be donated to Carver Mark Twain Reading Buddies.  McLain is the Reading Buddies Chair, and Dub Rogers thought of this special idea.  Bravissimo!

Terry Vanlandingham, past president and a past president of the Kiwanis Texas-Oklahoma Foundation among many other achievements, received the Paul Bunyan Award for singlehandedly seizing the moment to cut branches and clear debris from our Carver Mark Twain Head Start property.  More work needs to be done!

Van Lafferty received his Legion of Honor certificate for 45 years of Kiwanis membership!  Kyle McLain received his certificate for 25 years. 

Sundy Corbin introduced her guest, James Rounsavall, Chief Financial Officer, Compressco Partners, LP.

Group photo: Bob Sonnenfeld, Sundy Corbin, Judge John Amick, Jim Rounsavall and Kyle McLain.

Finally, we have photo of four stylishly attired and charismatic men:  Dub Rogers, Jim Stewart, Ray Sanders, Bill Price and Kyle McLain.


Jim Stewart, Partner Development

Jim spent 10 years as a professional musician and 20 years in the medical industry before landing at Water4, where his job is to connect churches and organizations with the work that Water4 is doing.  What gets Jim out of bed in the morning is the urgency of knowing he is part of a solution that is saving lives, which drives him to do his part to further the cause.  He is passionate about helping others and calling for the Church in America to rise up to share the love of Jesus with the world.

Jim is married to his lovely wife Susan and they have three sons, two daughters-in-law and four grandsons.  Jim's hero is his son Marquise who is awaiting his third kidney transplant and has never known a completely healthy life.  Marquise reminds him daily that life is precious and there is nothing worth being anxious about.
Jim's favorite quote is from World Vision President, Richard Stearns, "The twenty-first century church has everything required -- the resources, the knowledge, the scale, the mandate, and the power of God's Holy Spirit.  All we lack is the will.  It is time to finish the job."


Water4's mission is to create in-country jobs to eradicate the world's water crisis.

Water4 uses inexpensive materials and easily-transferrable technology in an effort to make clean water realistic for even the most remote areas.  Water4 targets specific regions and, through the help of in-country field partners, remains in that region until the water problem is resolved. 

Water4 Foundation

More: The Water4 Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity based out of Oklahoma City, Okla., was founded in 2008 by Dick and Terri Greenly (co-owners of Pumps of Oklahoma) with the mission to not only provide water to at-risk, impoverished areas but also, to teach and provide employment opportunities through their inexpensive pumps and drilling methods. While numerous organizations are helping to solve the global water crisis, no other organization approaches or executes the process of providing water quite like Water4 does. It gets the nationals involved in the future of their home village's water issues. As a result of their new vocation they are engaged daily in fixing the water problems as well as helping their village and themselves find new ways to prosper. Since its inception in 2008, Water4 has helped meet the needs of over 150,000 people for reasonable access to clean drinking water in countries like Haiti, Sierra Leone, Uganda, and Rwanda. Water4's 2014 goal is to get water to a million people. After 2014 with our continued efforts, we should be able to expand the number of people reached each year thereafter.